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3.5 Standard

For new users & reinstalls, 45.6MB - released 11/13/18


3.5 Portable

For multi-computer users - Thumbdrives, Portable HDDs, etc., 52.9MB

If you are unsure of which version you should use, use the Standard version.


Previous version

Version 3.4.0 - 45.6MB


Version 3.3.5 - 28.8MB


Last version for Windows XP

Version 3.3.1 (last Windows XP version) - 28.7MB


Requirements & Notes

Compatible with Windows Vista and Newer

Requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later - Click here to download from Microsoft

Windows 8 & 10 Users: SmartScreen may report the file is unknown or is a risk to your machine. It's not. Click "More Info" and then "Run Anyways"

Existing Users

Update your copy inside Juice Grinder by clicking Help, then "Check for Update". If you are more than 2 versions behind you will be updated via the full installer.

Version History

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