Donate to the cause and unlock features!
Why choose Us?

Donations Pay Off!

Donate features are kept updated - so your donation pays over and over

Why choose Us?

Turn off the Donate Dialog

A donation of at least $5 will provide a code to turn off the Donate Dialogs

Why choose Us?

Gain Inventory, Remove Limits

A donation of $15 or more will also add the Inventory feature in 2.1+ and removes the 150mL mixing limit

Ready to Donate?

Thanks for taking the time to make a donation to help Juice Grinder continue development and pay for much needed resources. It means alot to me you are supporting software I put my time into!

All codes are for lifetime and are not time limited. Each Donation contains activation on up to 2 machines. Inventory feature does NOT work with the Portable version - it works only with the Desktop version.

Once payment has been received, you wll receive an email with your license key immediately. IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR REGISTRATION CODE!

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