Commercial Addin

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Why choose Us?

Cost Effective and Reliable

The Commercial Addin module is economically priced at $45.00 USD per machine, per year.

Why choose Us?

Small & Big Business Friendly

Discounts are available for multiple machines or extended periods - please contact me if you are interested.

Why choose Us?


Priority email and forum support (less than 24 hours response) is available for those with a Commercial machine ID and subscription.

Easy Configurable Options

Integrate your Juice Grinder recipes with Batch Production for small shops producing their own eLiquid lines

Batch Calculator scales your Juice Grinder Recipe to Batch Production

Calculates all necessary ingredient amounts, in Batch Quantities, and provides different quantity types (mL, gal, etc.) for different mixer styles and preferences


Cost Calculator provides Cost Analysis

Set individual ingredients costs, production and testing costs, etc. and receive a detailed breakdown of each cost. Includes Markup feature for price setting


Keep it all together with the Ledgers

Ledger databases feature offers ability to save and track all batch production information, batch costs, etc. along with provides searching, printing and exporting, and a Sales ledger to track daily sales of your product.


Reporting Facilities

Print reports, Batch production slips, and export to different formats all with the click of a mouse. Design your own reports and labels using Ledger data with the built-in powerful Report Designer


Shop Forms

Keep track of ingredient inventory, daily sales and more with the built-in and printable complimentary forms - You can even add your own pre-designed forms for quick access



The Commercial Addin is the only plugin of it's type available for the vaping marketplace, and is economically priced at $45 per year, per machine. Discounts are available (see Pricing Schedule) for multiple machines.


Batch Window

Cost Window


Sales Ledger

Some of your Questions:

Here we attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the Commercial Addin. If you have questions that aren't answered here, feel free to contact us.

Q. What is the Commercial Addin?

The Commercial Addin integrates with your Juice Grinder recipes and provides Batch calculation, Cost calculation and Markup recommended prices. Additional features will be added in the future to actively licensed customers at no charge - It is recommended for small shops that produce their own eLiquid lines or those who regularly want to mix in bulk, and is currently the only software available for bulk mixers.

Q. Is there a minimum or size limit to my batches?

No - unlike Juice Grinder's standard 150mL Limit, with the Commercial addin you can create as much or as little as you want!

Q. What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the software providing immediate results, all sales are final unless there are unusual circumstances. If you have questions, please review the screenshots or contact me with any questions before purchasing - I'll be glad to help!

Q. Why should I purchase the Commercial Addin?

The Commercial Addin makes your life much easier by automatically calculating everything you need to scale up your recipes - no more manually calculating with a calculator. You can calculate the cost factors involved as well easily, and can track it all in one place with the Ledger - the amount of time the Addin saves pays for itself in less than a few weeks - freeing you up to make sales or do more mixing instead of paperwork.

Q.How much does it cost? What is included?

The Commercial Addin is available for a very economical $45.00 per year, per computer. No other software of this type is available on the market. There is no limit to the number of users of the computer and Juice Grinder. Also included with the Commercial Addin is the Inventory feature and Donation request screen disabled, which are already offered seperately for users who have donated. Discounts are offered for multiple years and/or multiple computers. If you are interested in discounts and pricing for multiple systems, please click here to see the pricing schedule. The addin and Priority Email and Forum support are included, updates are included free for the entire year.

Q. Is a trial available?

Generally we do not offer trials since the software offers immediate results. However, for certain circumstances we may offer a few hour trial upon request. We encourage you to review the screenshots and email me with any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing.

Ready to Buy?

Before proceeding, please review our Terms of Sale. Purchasing automatically signals your agreement. Once a sale is completed, there are no refunds unless there are unusual circumstances due to the nature of the software providing immediate results.

Once payment has been received, you wll receive an email with download &
install instructions and your license key within a few minutes to your PayPal email address.

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