Juice Grinder

A freeware eJuice Mixing tool that calculates all of the necessary amounts you need to create your own eJuice. In addition to this basic feature, the software contains a multitude of other calculators and features for power users

Best ejuice calculator
for making ejuice

Based originally on the interface and features from eJuice Me Up and other popular calculators, Juice Grinder extends these functions to be more powerful and time saving, as well as adding many very powerful features

Juice Grinder ejuice calculator
for mega size recipes

20 Flavoring Fields

No other mainline software offers this many flavor entry fields to allow you to customize your juice to the exact specifications you like

no need to keep notes

Quick Values

A quick way to insert common combinations of Nicotine and PG/VG amounts, Target Nicotine, Target Amount, etc. without having to manually enter them

make it truly your own

Print a Bottle Label

Using Avery & other Label stock sheets, you can quickly create and customize your own bottle labels (requires Microsoft Word)

Even more Feature Rich

There are so many features we can't list them all, and you won't find these elsewhere in one package

Recipe Printing

4 seperate modes to print your recipe: Graphical Recipe Card, Entire Window and Text List

Copy & Paste

Copy your entire recipe formatted nicely for pasting into the web, forums or Reddit

Work Without Interruptions

Ability to Load and Save Recipe Defaults (ex. Base amounts, etc.) on the fly

Ohms Law Calculator

Atomizer Ohms Law calculator to get just the right amount

Names & Ratings

Ability to add a name to a Recipe and attach a Rating to it

Export Your Stuff

Export to PDF, CSV, and various Spreadsheet formats (Spreadsheet export requires Microsoft Excel)

Conversion Calculator Table

Easy table layout is simple to read and understand

Additional calculators for different mixing scenarios

An assortment of various calculators for special and regular mixing

Juice Mixing Cost calculator

find out how much it costs you to mix vs. buying retail

Opens and saves to 3 different file formats

Juice Grinder, eJuice Me Up and EZMix files

Compatibility Support

Ability to save to & be backwards compatible with eJuice Me Up so you can share your recipes with the world

Enhanced Notes for recipes

format your text, insert images - No other software offers this feature

Help File

Full-featured Help file is included

Quick Links

Shortcuts to various helpful links on the web

Quick Shopping

Shortcuts to shopping places on the web make it quick to order supplies and other stuff


Commercial Addin Batch Window

Commercial Addin Cost Window

Main Window

Nicotine Base Combine

Adjust Flavoring in existing Juice

Find Flavors in Recipe Window

Cost of Mixing Calculator

Print Bottle Label

Combine Flavors Window

Ingredient Distribution Window

Inventory Feature Window

Commercial Addin Ledgers

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Commercial Addin

Commercial Addin Available

Integrate your Juice Grinder recipes with Batch Production for small shops producing their own eLiquid lines and individuals producing large volumes - the only software on the market that performs these functions!

Juice Grinder's Commercial Addin feature package allows you to easily and quickly take your Juice Grinder Recipe and start batch production of it easily for your small shop or yourself - take your proven and known recipes, scale them up to big batches, and then dispense into same size bottles. It's that quick and easy!

Plus - additional features such as Cost calculation, Batch Ledger tracking and Shop Forms make it a snap to manage your batches and your business.


Batch Calculator scales your Juice Grinder Recipe to Batch Production

Calculates all necessary ingredient amounts, in Batch Quantities, and provides different quantity types (mL, gal, etc.) for different mixer styles and preferences

Cost Calculator provides Cost Analysis

Set individual ingredients costs, production and testing costs, etc. and receive a detailed breakdown of each cost. Includes Markup feature for price setting

Keep it all together with the Ledgers

Ledger databases feature offers ability to save and track all batch production information, batch costs, etc. along with provides searching, printing and exporting, and a Sales ledger to track daily sales of your product

Reporting Facilities

Print reports, Batch production slips, and export to different formats all with the click of a mouse. Design your own reports and labels using Ledger data with the built-in powerful Report Designer

Shop Forms

Keep track of ingredient inventory, daily sales and more with the built-in and printable complimentary forms - You can even add your own pre-designed forms for quick access

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.